04 February, 2012

Speaking in English

To be honest, I do not speak English very well. Whenever I am in front of the class I cannot speak straight English. I always utter 'ums'. When I was in third year  highschool, our CLE teacher told us to not say the 'ums', but I just really can't help it. Sometimes, I find myself speaking in wrong grammar. I think that previous sentence has wrong grammar -______-. And my problem is? This coming school  year, I am going to University of Asia and the Pacific. 

I was invited for an orientation last January 28. During the open forum part, a question about being fashionable and English speaking was raised. My first impression of that school was it was a school for the rich. Their students dress fashionably and modestly. They also speak English fluently. Well, the answer to the question was that they don't judge people easily. People there are just trained for the real world. Students are trained to speak in English through writing and speaking. 

I am so bad in writing and speaking in English :( I am also positive that my posts are sooo ugly and they are not interesting and they are not in correct grammar!

10 January, 2012

Tumblr-ing is ♥

I started using Tumblr last May. I'm not really into blogging yet. I just reblog photos and other stuffs. Then I started following personal blogs then, I followed more personal blogs until I saw a handsome blogger :"">. I really liked him because his posts are nice. Or maybe I only think it's nice because I like his face hahahaha =)))). Then, he deactivated his account. I felt bad when I saw that he deactivated his account. Yesterday, I was supposed to be studying for our exams but I just surfed the internet. As I was browsing through other people's blogs, I SAW HIS BLOG again! =)) It was his new blog. I followed his blog at once and until now, I can't get over with it. hahahahahahaha =))


First of all, congratulations to those who passed USTET and DLSUCET! The USTET result was just a leakage anyway haha. I wasn't able to see my results though.

Today was our Physics and Filipino 3rd quarterly exam. I started studying for the test at around 7 in the evening :)). I slept at around 12:30 am so I felt sooo sleepy during the test. The Physics exam was so confusing. So was the Filipino exam. There were so many tricky questions that I am not sure if I answered them correctly. I shall start studying earlier today because our exams tomorrow will be Reading and Economics. I need to memorize formulas! So, I must log out of Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter now =)))

31 December, 2011

My Blissful 2011


  • We did not celebrate the new year like the rest of people did. We ordered food and watched TV on New Year's Eve. My mother was very sick at that time that she gets so sensitive when she hears very loud noise. She is telling us to make the people stop shouting, banging and make them stop using fireworks. Of course that was impossible because it was December 31.
  • The sportsfest at our school was one of the best I ever experienced. I made new friends at that time. We played Slapjack in the classroom assigned to us, played Dodgeball in our quadrangle, took pictures with our "illegal" camera, cheered our lungs out, sweat a lot, and then played Slapjack :)). On the first day of our sportsfest I got my period. I wasn't expecting it so when my classmate told me that I had a huge stain on my butt, I ran to the nearest CR. This is when I realized that my classmates were so nice because they bought me an underwear, a sanitary napkin and borrowed a jogging pants from the office
  • My mother died. She has cancer. We weren't expecting her to die because according to the results she was responding to treatments. The day she died was a very sad day for all of us. I secretly wept inside the CR or I cried myself to sleep. I love my mom. I was glad that she always tell me she loves me every night so I also had the chance to tell her I also feel the same way. 
  • I went out with my friends for the first time. It wasn't that special because we only went there because our outreach activity will start at four in the afternoon so for the mean time, we agreed to go to Robinson's Metro East or Sta. Lucia mall. We played at World's of Fun even if it is so jologs, we enjoyed a lot. It was my first time commuting so it was a milestone for me.
  • It is the end of our junior year. 3rd year highschool was definitely my best year in highschool. I made so many new friends on my junior year unlike in my senior year wherein my friends in class were also my friends before. I did not make many new friends in my 4th year highschool.
  • Summer vacation. I gained a lot of weight this month. Ironically, it was this time when I decided to lose weight because I will enter a university soon and there will be boys. (I am studying at an exclusive school for girls) I start my day by watching Phineas and Ferb while eating breakfast. After that I watch movies on TV, play games on Facebook. This summer I played my guitar again and learned to play new songs, I created a Tumblr and Twitter account too. I tried to make a scrapbook but I failed because I was too lazy to do it. Probably this summer I will make a scrapbook about my Highschool Years :). I also read a manga.
  • I attended summer review classes for the upcoming College Admissions exams. My tita did not allow me to go with my friends and made me go to the review center my mom chose before she died. At first I hated the idea but then I noticed that there was a cute guy. Unfortunately, he was with his friends. Fortunately, there were a lot of us there who went to review classes alone. I had a gay friend, two friends from MC, one from St. Paul and one from PSCI. We all agreed that that cute guy is really cute :). After classes, we usually wait for our sundo in Fruit Magic. It was a very fun experience although it did not help me very well in my entrance exams.
  • Start of my last year in High School! I got in a section where I got some friends but not my bestest friends but it was okay for me. 
  • We celebrated our school's Golden Jubilee. It was so fun. It was really a big event for all of us. Us students had our field demonstration in our quadrangle. For the seniors it was gymnastics. We were rehearsing that routine since 3rd year. It was a two-day celebration. I'm with my 3rd year friends on the first day and I was with my BFF's on the second day. It was really a fun day even if the booths were lame. 
  • Three of my friends went campus-hopping with me. We went to different schools in the U-Belt. We rode LRT, pedicabs, jeeps and FX's. We also walked a lot.By the end of the day, my envelope was filled with application forms from different universities and colleges. On the next week, we submitted our accomplished forms and we also went to UA&P to get my application form. It was really a struggle because it was really difficult to search for that school. 
  • This month is the month of College entrance exams. August 7 was UPCAT, August 14 was USTET and August 28 was UA&P entrance exam. Almost every Sunday I had an entrance exam. I only took entrance exams from three universities. Only August 21 was my free Sunday :)
  • I became a lakwatsera. I went to malls with my friends. My excuse to my lola was that we will make a project. I know it is bad to lie but still... :) I went to Eastwood mall for the first timme with a friend. We went there at around 9 in the morning so most shops were still closed. We just hanged out inside Fully Booked. 
  • This was the month wherein we also went to libraries for our Research Paper. There was a time when we went to Ateneo Library and we walked from the library to the gate! It was tiring for me haha. After that we went to SM North Edsa. Again, first time.
  • This is the month of cramming! We had so many requirements that even our sembreak was filled with requirements and projects.
  • After our sembreak, we had our RETREAT!! It was the most awaited event in our highschool. HAHAHAHA =)) It was so fun! We had it in Tagaytay. We stayed for two days and one night only but it was surreal. On the way back, most of us were so sleepy already that we did not complain about the heavy traffic. It was fun reading Palancas from friends and classmates. This retreat really inspired me and enlightened me. It showed me the path I should take.
  • Holiday seasons! It was fun shopping for gifts, receiving gifts, eating foods that are only served during special occassions, and all the fun stuffs! :)
  • This was the month where I bought lots of makeup for our Graduation Picture taking. I was really glad that I looked gorgeous despite the fact that I'm a newbie in the makeup world. As i was browsing through my makeup, I realized that I bought so many makeup already! And all was from my allowance. My relatives did not know I was buying makeup =))
  • This was also the month I took time in blogging although I'm still new to this. Well, I'm just planning to use this blog as an online diary. I am not really expecting people to follow me haha =))

P.S. I was lazy to think of some important events in some months hehe