04 February, 2012

Speaking in English

To be honest, I do not speak English very well. Whenever I am in front of the class I cannot speak straight English. I always utter 'ums'. When I was in third year  highschool, our CLE teacher told us to not say the 'ums', but I just really can't help it. Sometimes, I find myself speaking in wrong grammar. I think that previous sentence has wrong grammar -______-. And my problem is? This coming school  year, I am going to University of Asia and the Pacific. 

I was invited for an orientation last January 28. During the open forum part, a question about being fashionable and English speaking was raised. My first impression of that school was it was a school for the rich. Their students dress fashionably and modestly. They also speak English fluently. Well, the answer to the question was that they don't judge people easily. People there are just trained for the real world. Students are trained to speak in English through writing and speaking. 

I am so bad in writing and speaking in English :( I am also positive that my posts are sooo ugly and they are not interesting and they are not in correct grammar!

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